Friday, April 12, 2013

Weddings and Mad Hats

Some recent cakes:

Made this cake at a cake class last month...LOVED making the ruffle flowers!

Mad-hatter cake for an Alice in Wonderland 30th birthday party.
I was inspired by the hat Johnny Depp wore in the Tim Burton version of the movie

 It was a husband-and-wife co-hosted 30th birthday party...hence the placard lol.

LOVED making the feathers and the peacock's "eye".
The cake was covered in dark emerald fondant and brushed with gold for that antique look.
I also embossed leaf patterns in it, since the original hat also paid homage to nature.

The cake had SIX (count 'em!) layers of chocolate fudge cake and dark chocolate ganache!
It took me almost 10 hours to make, including baking time!!