Thursday, October 18, 2012

Handbag cake

I've always been a little afraid to attempt 3D cakes, what with the carving and balancing, but after finding this tutorial on the incredibly talented Jessicakes' blog, I thought I'd give it a go for my friend's daughter's 8th birthday!

Made the cake with red trim because it's her favourite colour (at the moment!) 

The "J" is for Jodee, the birthday girl (looks a little like half of the Chanel logo, maybe? No? lol)

The "fold" of the bag...I carved an indentation into the cake 
and smoothed with ganache before covering in fondant

Cross-section of the cake!
It's actually not as dense as it looks, really yummy and moist

I have some happy snaps of the girls having the cake (which I'll put up when my SD card-reader eventually starts to work again - sigh! Technology!)

The girls were SO adorable though, some of them covered their eyes just as the birthday girl was about to cut the cake! "Don't cut it!", "I can't watch!", "No! Don't!" a couple of them yelled out; they were SO CUTE! But Jodee eventually sliced into it, and the girls dug in. YUM!

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