Monday, August 27, 2012

Bunting tutorial

This is a short mini-tutorial on how I made the cute bunting you saw here.

First you'll need the following materials. I basically used whatever scrap material had in my craft drawer.

I had a pretty printed cardboard box, twine, and some lacey doiley wrapping paper.
Also a 5-cent piece, cardstock, a pencil, double-sided tape, bamboo skewers
and craft scissors with a scalloped edge.

Here's what I did:
1.  Cut triangles out of the cardboard.
2.  Cut rectangles out of the lace wrapping paper with the craft scissors to get that frilled edge.
3.  Stick the triangle onto the lace with the double-sided tape.

4.  Next, trace the 5-cent piece onto the card stock, and cut tiny circles out.
5.  Use a pen to draw a pattern on the edge of each circle. Spell out the person's name, 1 letter per circle.
6.  Stick the circle onto the triangle piece.

7.  Measure out a long piece of twine, around the length of the diameter of your cake, and tie to the two 
     bamboo skewers.
8.  Lay each circle-triangle-rectangle piece in the correct order (front facing down), and stick the twine onto
     their backs.
9.  Flip up, and voila! You've got your bunting, now stick it into your cake!

In this variation, I had a long strip of the lace paper and stuck the triangles onto it, 
then cut in-between to create the gaps.

Crafty, eh?

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