Monday, May 21, 2012

White wedding

Last December, I was contacted by N, who was getting married to J in May this year.

It's such a lovely story really, she's the sister of an old friend of mine, and we spent months shooting emails back and forth discussing cake designs, flavours etc., generally reconnecting after all these years.

When we finally met up for the cake tasting we discovered that J had actually proposed to her with my cupcakes (which sell at a cafe in Southbank), so it seemed terribly fitting that she had contacted me separately to make her wedding cake...I love serendipity, don't you?

Anyways, back to the cake!

She wanted an all-white one, with stenciling and a white peony rose on top.

Gah!! My heart skipped a beat...all-white cakes are notoriously hard to achieve because there's very little room for error. In fact, the simpler the cake, the harder to perfect because there aren't any bells and whistles you can use to cover any mistakes.

I accepted with trepidation, and also agreed to make her bonbonierre - white and green birdie cookies in Super Choc and Vanilla Bean - for her guests to take home. All 120 of them!

Top tier of the cake

All-white peony rose

 White-on-ivory cake. It weighed a tonne - 3 layers in each tier with chocolate ganache.

Royal icing stenciling.
I reckon the bottom tier weighed about 5 kgs...and there another one for the kitchen to cut up too!

Green birdie cookies in Vanilla Bean, to match the bridesmaid's dresses

White birdie cookies in Super Choc - theme colours for the wedding were ivory and green

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