Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Cake School Open Day

Sunday was perfect weather for making the great trek across the city to Ringwood. (I live out West...it takes awhile, even on a Sunday!)

After months of waiting, The Cake School has finally launched! And this was their Open Day where I got to see their talented team, led by Fran McGregor run a demo class.

Obviously, I was in full gushy mode, who can help it, surrounded by such talent? (There I go again!)

Here're some pics of the day:

 I walk through the door, and the first thing that greets me?



 With dark couverture chocolate ganache. Of course.

 Here's Fran and Yvette (Baking Addict).

Fran demonstrating how to cover a cake board with white fondant.

 Yvette teaching students how to trim the edges off the cake board with... X-ray film!
Who woulda thunk it?

Incidentally I've been a fan (read: stalking) Baking Addict on Facebook for a short while now, and I was just SO pleased to finally meet her. She's just as nice a person as I'd imagined. Nicer even!

Smoothing the chocolate ganache on the top.

Final product - Naked Cake!

OMG how perfect does this look? 
I exclaimed (out loud) "Doesn't it make you want to jump in and swim in it?!"
I think what I probably meant was that "I wanted to dive right in."
This mix-up could probably explain why the lady next to me gave me a strange look.

Styro-balls, bases for roses.

 Me and Fran!

Yvette, moi, Effie (Designer Cakes by Effie, another Cake Artist I've been following) 

 More pics of their lovely cakes and front lounge can be viewed here on The Cake School Facebook page.

I'm just so super excited to take some classes next year!

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