Thursday, October 13, 2011

Of Ruffles and Sheep

Here're some pics from cakes I've made over the last couple of weeks:

I've been really enamoured by the look of ruffle cakes lately, like the ones seen on Martha Stewart, and Sweetapolita's so I thought I'd give it a shot:

It's a choc fudge cake covered in peanut butter ruffles for a friend's little get-together. Delish!

A week later was a client's order for a Farmyard cake. She and her husband were moving to the country, and wanted a cake for their "house-cooling" party before their big move. Just a small one for about 12 (this one I made would feed 20, and she later told me they only finished a quarter of it!), with a couple of farm animals on it. So I came up with this:

The cow and sheep were made courtesy of tutes I'd learnt from the very very talented Lorraine McKay from Extra Icing in the UK (who's coming to Melbourne to teach next year, yay!)

And I came up with the little ducky myself (altho' to be perfectly honest, it kinda looks like a yellow platypus! LOL!)

All the figurines were made entirely out of fondant, and the cake was a chocolate mud with dark chocolate ganache. Ooooooh.

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