Friday, August 12, 2011

Made by Hand

Exciting news! A couple of months ago we were interviewed for an episode of Made by Hand, a Channel 31 programme that profiles creative Melburnians who make a living from their craft.

So far, they've covered artisans such as glassblowers and painters, milliner Richard Nylon and the incredibly talented Gwendolynne (who made two of my friends' wedding dresses...they were gorgeous!) Two weeks ago they featured Thread Den, the girls behind The North Melbourne Market.

Well, guess what? Next Wednesday at 8.30pm, tune into Channel 31 and you could spot Buttercup and Peek making a special little appearance in the North Melbourne Market segment. Hopefully we've made the edit, and haven't ended up on the cutting room floor!

Funny story: After we were interviewed, it was the producer's turn to shoot her "talking head". She started asking questions, and I just plastered a smile on my face because I thought the cameras were rolling. It went on for awhile  before I realiased she was really, actually, asking me genuine questions!

"So how long have you two been at this market?"

*Plastic smile*

"I mean, have you been selling here for awhile?"

*Plastic smile*

"Um, is this something you've been doing long term at the marke....oh goodness! We haven't started filming yet, sorry you must have thought...."

*Eyes widen* GAHHHHH!!!

Good God, how embarassing! Of course everyone just burst out laughing.

Anyhoos! If you're interested in the episode but can't watch it on the telly, it'll be up online at 9pm (Melbourne time, next Wed 17th August) at their website.

Made By Hand - Channel 31 Series


  1. hahahahahahahah Sarah!! you never fail to make me smile!! I can totally picture you doing that!!!! But this is great news - will I be able to watch it from here? And did you mean it'll be up on their website 9pm today i.e. Friday the 12th?

  2. Thanks Danielle! :-))

    Pri: I think you should be able to watch it from NZ, it'll be up online 9pm Melbourne time on Wed 17th August.


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