Monday, July 25, 2011

What a week it's been...

Phooooeee what a week it's been! Last week I reckon I made just about 10 kilos of cake in various shapes and forms - cupcakes, cakepops, round cakes, mistakes, you name it! I think I've gone through about 5 kilos of flour, 15 eggs,  3 kilos each of butter, sugar & icing sugar. Phew!

I made an anniversary/birthday cake, products for the North Melbourne market, a hundred Babycups for a wedding, cake pops for another birthday, yet more cakepops and a mini RV cake (the size of my palm) for a friend, and Buttercups for the weekly Guava Bean order.

Have a look:

By Wednesday, I'd made the RV cake, and then promptly realised that it was burnt on the outside because the inside took so long to cook. SIGH! Bake to the KitchenAid...

By Thursday...

 The letter 'i' fell out of alignment, but it worked perfectly with the heart below.
Just added a 'u' and I made lemonade!

 It was also the client's husband's birthday, so the placard on the other side held the other greeting.


Made the little blossom babycups you see above in peach, pink and cream as part of another client

And then Sunday was market day with Peek Sweets with about 100 babycups in assorted flavours, 20 cakepops, and about 70 gingerbread people (yes, we're pretty politically correct here at the Bakeshoppe. Why should men have all the fun of being dismembered and consumed limb by limb?!) Plus I also made a mini RV cake (silly me, forgot to take a photo!) and cakepops for my darling friend Wenona.

Celine, my partner-in-crime made whoopie pies, an Amish-American cross between a cake and a biscuit with marshmallow in between. Apparently, the story goes that kids cried "Whoopie!" whenever the cake was made because it tasted so good. I loved it - all dark chocolatey goodness with choccie chips, but I gave the marshmallow middle a miss - I've never been a fan of marshmallows.

All in all, a terrific week. And I'm COMPLETELY spent.


  1. Where are the babycups pics?! Also "bake to the Kitchen Aid..." ?? heheheh someone's obviously been busy baking!! hehehehe ure adorable!

  2. Ah! haha...typo, i meant BaCK to the KitchenAid...yes, I've got baking on the brain!


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