Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Eat your words

Living with a partner who loves design has its advantages. For example, I've been exposed to many areas of design - furniture, interior, industrial, typography - where I would not normally have tread. And I've been really excited about interweaving these areas with baking.

Anyhoos, I'm pretty stoked I got to try this out recently - melding typography with cake art. I don't really think it's been done before (correct me if I'm wrong), and I'm really happy with the results:

 The cake was stamped with individual tiny letters - took me about an hour, even with help!

Flavour: Chocolate mud cake with cookies n' cream buttercream
Exterior: Dark chocolate ganache and white fondant

To put the cake into context, it was an early celebration for my sister's birthday. She was here for a visit, and I wanted to make a special cake for her. Since she's a journalist, and words are her world, I thought a nice personal  letter would be extra special! (Of course, she did say afterwards that she'd expected a "newspaper" cake - psssshh, what, have I got no imagination?!)

This really takes custom-made cakes to a whole new level, no? It's great (I feel anyways) because it's really personalised, and you can put pretty much anything on it - thank you, happy birthday, even a marriage proposal! All to make a significant moment even more unique. Plus I love the fact that each cake has someone's personal journey etched into it. :))

PS. It was delicious to eat my words.


  1. what did you use to stamp the letters? the ganache and little stamps?? It looks amazing!

    1. Hi Rebecca

      Thanks for your lovely comments! I used a set of (sterilised) tiny alphabet stamps, and food colouring to create edible ink on a stamp pad. Then I stamped each individual letter onto the cake :)

      Thanks for popping by!


  2. Amazing!:) Have to try this. Thank you so much for the inspiration:)


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