Wednesday, June 29, 2011

June Market

Had yet another fun market day with Peek! Sweets on Sunday at the North Melbourne market, as well as Pleasure, Little Treasure, and the darling Odd One Out.

One of the great things that have come up from doing these markets are the friendships I've made that have been slowly growing over the last couple months. These market girls are such a riot, and it really makes the time speed past when you're oohing and aahing over each other's wares, or cracking jokes. Such a fun bunch!

Anyhoos, here're a couple pictures from the market...enjoy!

My Vintage Vanilla cupcakes - how pretty and ladylike are they?!

 Gorgeous Anne from Pleasure, Little Treasure showing off my Missy Mao Mao apron.

 Our little setup - 'twas rather squishy since we had a smaller table this time

 SO...we've got: 
Cake pops (red velvet, chocolate fudge, peanut)
Apple bikkies
Gingerbread people

(red velvet, vintage vanilla & vintage chocolate, carrot cake)

(chocolate, vanilla, peanut butter, cookies n' cream)

 Apple bikkies with an attitude.
(I infused apple tisane and cinnamon into the batter and icing - YUMMO!)

 We also sold babycup samplers, which really takes the guesswork out of choosing :)

 Peek-a-licious! Don't you just love those rainbow colours?!

A very satisfied customer

Don't forget, our next market's on July 10, at the Southside Handmade and Vintage Market,

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