Thursday, June 23, 2011

Adrienne the Explorer

Over the last weekend I had the pleasure of creating a customised Dora the Explorer cake for a darling little girl.

Her name's Adrienne. She is the most adorable googlygigglytinylittleballofenergy. And always very well-dressed, I might add, thanks to her very stylish mum (a good friend of mine). Yes, us fashonistas must stick together, no? Myself and the three-year-old... ;p

While I wasn't quite brave enough to attempt making a 3D model of Dora, the 2D version still came out rather nicely.

 The words were painted on with food colouring, 
although the brushwork needs to be worked on LOL...

I had plenty of help from my very handsome and handy hubby (alliteration!), who did the heavy lifting:

He came up with the very brilliant idea of "cartoon grass", which he helped cut out and I stuck onto the sides of the cake:

We also made cake pops for the party, and yes, once again superhero hubby made the stand! We used ribbon and a styrofoam cone which you can buy from any craft store:

Flavours were Red Velvet with white chocolate coating, and Choc Fudge with pink coating & dark chocolate drizzle. YUMMO! Cakes were mixed with cream cheese frosting, then *lovingly* dipped.

 As you can see, the Birthday Girl really liked her pink pop!

 Feeding frenzy!

Inside the cake: Red Velvet, dark chocolate ganache, Choc Fudge cake.
Completely demolished...the natives were hungry!

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